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Brokers work both sides of the coin, selling you trades are most profitable to them. We're not a broker. We are your advisor and ally.

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We watch the market for you and filter through the most important information to generate buy and sell signals. Our selective signals allow us to be among the best in business.

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We present our information in a unique platform including both a mobile and web-based app. Our style of presenting market information is easily digestible and simple to comprehend for all, no matter your level of market knowledge.

Chad grew up on a family farm in Iowa. He raised seed corn, commercial corn, soybeans, and cattle. From an early age, Chad had a talent for numbers, formulas, spreadsheets and computers. Those talents found a place using futures and options, working with his Dad on finding ways to hedge their price risk. His first trade at the age of 14 with his father in May 1987 started over 30 years of active commodity trading as both a hedger and speculator.

Today Trader PhD has become a very familiar face to the agricultural community, employing over 40 team members. With a team dedicated solely to staying up-to-date on the latest fundamental news, make sure and check out the Trader PhD mobile app which was launched in late 2020.





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After taking thousands of trades over dozens of markets, you see the worst of what the markets can dish out. Regardless of what happens in the markets, it needs to be handled. Day-in and day-out. That's our edge over most brokers who just don't have the experience of risking their own money on trades on a consistent basis. There's just no replacement for that.

We have developed hundreds of trading systems, back-testing market data going back to the 1950s to find patterns and scenarios that make money and reduce risk.

Get Savvy

Be prepared for what is ahead in the markets. Follow along as you hear us explain what we're seeing develop, and how to handle it. It's a never-ending task.

Take a trial, and you'll see the difference.

Chad Toyne, Founder and CEO

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Brokers work both sides of the coin, selling you trades that are most profitable to them. We're not a broker, we are your adviser and your ally.

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We try to keep our information and notifications based on market movements. Our selective signals and information allow us to cater only the most important information so you won't be bothered by things that don't matter!

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We offer three subscription options: Gold, Silver and Classic. The Gold subscription is $3,700 and includes unlimited consultations, access to the Trader PhD mobile app, weekly audio broadcasts, market commentary texts and buy/sell signals via text. The Silver subscription is $2,700 and includes 12 consultations a year, access to the Trader PhD mobile app, weekly audio broadcasts, market commentary texts and buy/sell signals via text. The Classic subscription is $1,500 and includes weekly audio broadcasts, market commentary texts and buy/sell signals via text.


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