Why Trader PhD?

3 Reasons Farmers Love Us

Not A Broker

Brokers work both sides of the coin, selling you trades are most profitable to them. We're not a broker. We are your advisor and ally.

Selective Signals

We watch the market for you and filter through the most important information to generate buy and sell signals. Our selective signals allow us to be among the best in business.

Unique Delivery

We present our information in a unique platform including both a mobile and web-based app. Our style of presenting market information is easily digestible and simple to comprehend for all, no matter your level of market knowledge.


News & Special Reports

Check out news articles, videos, audios, and more...


Sell Signals

As the market moves, so do we; offering buy and sell signals...


Audio Commentary

Short, digestible, audio broadcasts offering our commentary...



Learn alongside Trader PhD with strategies, terminology...


Diagrammed Charts

Want to see when the summer high was put in...

Primary Features

We use a multifaceted approach to create a well-rounded experience for our users.

Customize Your Market Focus

Prioritize your content to display the markets most important to you.


Accessible Anywhere

Read your content anywhere, on any device, by logging into your profile.


Multimedia Content

Unique information you won't find anywhere else.

  • Videos
  • Audio Broadcasts
  • Diagrammed Charts
  • Written Articles

Choose The Right Plan for Your Operation



Comments & PhD Special Reports
Advisory & Pre-Report Survey


Comments & PhD Special Reports
Advisory & Pre-Report Survey
Trader PhD Education

PhD Ag News

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Brokers work both sides of the coin, selling you trades that are most profitable to them. We're not a broker, we are your adviser and your ally.

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We try to keep our information and notifications based on market movements. Our selective signals and information allow us to cater only the most important information so you won't be bothered by things that don't matter!

Yes! We have our web-based platform to offer information, or you can always reach out to find more information about our "Trader PhD Classic" subscription

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Try our Trader PhD Classic which includes texts and phone calls averaging 120 broadcasts per year, or as the market moves.

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